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Top 10 Amazing US Destinations for Beer Lovers

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destinations for beer lovers
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Fans of wine have harvests, winery tasting rooms, tours, vineyards, and places across the world to indulge their love of the grape. Travel groups, weekend gateways, and cruises centered on wine have long been popular, with travelers taking adventures afar to explore their favorite beverage.

Chatting with tasting room staff and winemakers is often as pleasant as sipping the wine. But no, this article isn’t about wine, but beer.

Beer has lots of fans, too. Craft breweries also have the appeal of small, independent producers eager to talk about their brews. Moreover, craft beer sales are going up, and the number of small breweries in the US is growing.

If this gets you in the mood to visit such places, we have some destinations for beer lovers that you may be interested in. Several of these cities are known for their craft beer scene, but there are some up-and-coming beer cities on this list. With a little inspiration and some planning, you’ll find your own favorite “beercation”.

Here are some of the best US destinations for beer lovers!

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