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The 10 Best Beach Towns For Retirees

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Have You Been Dreaming Of Living In A Beach Town?

Many people dream about retiring in a beach town. These types of cities or towns are prime spots for living out your golden years by the water.

Whether you’re looking for a location to relocate to during the next few years or dreaming about places to put down some new roots decades from now, it’s always the right time to explore some unique destinations.

Especially when those places come with surf, sand, and sea breezes. However, remote beach areas aren’t always the right fit for retirees because they need access to different services, including health care and transportation options.

That’s why we’ve looked at a recent analysis that compared the 150 largest metropolitan areas in our country as potential retirement spots, including data on housing affordability, happiness, desirability, retiree taxes, job markets, and access to quality health care.

We’ve picked out the 10 most livable, picturesque, and inviting spots. With features that appeal to both the lively and laid-back within us, there’s a place to call home on this list for any and every beach-bound retiree!

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