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8 Magical Midwest Locations That Look Like They’re in Europe

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Photo by Kenneth Sponsler at Shutterstock

How Well Do You Know The Midwest Part Of The US?

As much as we love our country’s many attractions, it’s hard not to crave a far-flung vacation to a place that has cobblestone streets, like Europe.

But if an over-the-top overseas trip isn’t in the cards for you at this moment, or even if you’re merely in the mood for a fun weekend getaway, don’t worry:

You can find plenty of quaint little towns throughout the Midwest that mimic all the charm of the continent, without any of the expensive flights or even any passport requirements.

Whether you’d prefer walking along a canal-lined Dutch settlement or raising a beer with some friends at a recreated Bavarian village, these unique gems offer a taste of the regional food, drink, and culture you’d expect to discover overseas, kitschy fun included.

So ditch your passport and check out these 8 Midwestern getaways that look like they’re straight out of a European postcard!

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