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20 Wonderful Hiking Trails You JUST Have to Try

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Have you ever wondered what some of the most impressive trails that our country has to offer were? Maybe you have heard of the most popular trails, but you would be surprised to find out that some of the most impressive hiking places in each state aren’t actually the most known or the ones that are most advertised.

Our country has some amazing landscapes and if we looked past the most popular places you are going to be surprised by how interesting and unique other places are. Each of the trails we have chosen to talk about here has something special about them and if you choose any of them to go on, you are going to have fun.

Let us know if you knew about them before or if they inspired you to add them to your bucket list!

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Image By Boule From Shutterstock

#1 Walking Dunes Trail, Delaware

It may not be something you first associate with Delaware, but the state does indeed have sand dunes, that will immediately transport you to a desert setting. Not only is it reminiscent of actual deserts, but the whole region is gorgeous.

Halfway through the 2.6-mile trail, you will be taken through the Great Dune: this one is the highest sand dune out of all the ones that can be found in the state (being 80 feet above the ocean’s level).

Truly one of the most unique trails you can find out there!

#2 Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center Outer Trail Loop, Missouri

This very long-named trail is just one from a network of hikes behind the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center: it is actually one of the most scenic out of them all, as it is filled with picturesque settings and winding paths that inspires you to daydream. Moreover, you can encounter the lake and if you are passionate about birdwatching, it has a go-to spot known by all professionals.

#3 Clinton Lake North Shore Loop, Kansas

If you like to go on hikes but are not looking for too much adventure, this loop hike is for you! A moderate length of 2.8 miles will take you around the lake. With a few creek crossings and rocky stretches, it is very friendly with people of all types of hiking expertise and with their four-legged friends.

#4 Hemlock Cliffs National Scenic Trail, Indiana

This short loop trail can be found in the Hoosier National Forest and is only 1.2 miles, so nothing too exhausting. You will spend most of the trail in the canyon, and, as the name reveals, you will be surrounded by hemlock and oak forests! This scenic and peaceful hike will also let you spot a waterfall towards its end. What could be more relaxing?

#5 Alum Hollow Trail, Alabama

Sweet home, Alabamaaa! And this one is definitely set in the heart of the state, in the Green Mountain Nature Preserve! Leading to a tired gorgeous waterfall, this hike is just 2.2 miles long and perfect for any hiker, no matter the experience! The best part is that as long as you keep your furry friend on a leash, they can also join in on the fun!

#6 Calico Tanks Trail, Nevada

This is not only one of our favorite cat breeds but also one of the most amazing trails Nevada can offer! This hike’s signatures are both the wildflowers and the amazing red rocks, as it is set in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and, believe us, the colors will mesmerize you just like they do with every visitor!

A perfect hike for the winter as this adventure will make you a bit too toasty if you attempt it in the middle of summer!

hiking trail
Image By Gianpaolo_Photo From Shutterstock

#7 Seaside Journey: Cliff Walk, Rhode Island

Newport offers all of us a gorgeous paved trail that is definitely bound to show you all that the city can offer! It’s quite a journey down the seaside, coming up at 6.7 miles long, but you will not only be able to see the coastline in all its glory but also admire the mansions and town as you make your way through it.

#8 Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve Trail, Connecticut

If you desire to walk down the coastline and enjoy not only the beautiful sea but also a myriad of beautiful wildflowers, then this peninsula trail, which comes out into the Long Island Sound, is just the thing for you.

It isn’t a very long hike, just 3.6 miles and you can always couple it with other activities, such as fishing, swimming, or biking! You will always be able to spot people doing these activities as you walk around so don’t hesitate if you want to couple your hike with another exciting activity!

#9 Grinnell Glacier Trail, Montana

In Montana’s Glacier National Park you will find one of the most breathtaking and challenging trails— it is because this trail is 9.7 miles long, but every step of it is worth it. You can admire the incredible view of Grinnell and Josephine Lakes and, of course, after its namesake: the Grinnell Glacier.

Just keep an eye out for bears in the area, as humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy these gorgeous views.

#10 Ice Cave White Loop Trail, New York

This part of New York is known for its ice caves and this trail will give you the perfect opportunity to explore the area thoroughly! Not only that but the hike is also known for its gorgeous overlook named Sam’s Point and it will not take you long as it is only 3.3 miles long.

If you feel like you can go for a longer hike, and you have the expertise you can opt for another trail, which will get you to the same location but it is way longer. Sam’s Point and Verkeerderkill Falls Trail is a whooping 8.3 miles which are sure to give the more advanced hikers everything they might need.

#11 Klauea Iki Trail, Hawaii

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what it is like to partially hike through a rainforest you do not have to leave the continent! Just a quicker flight to Hawaii will satisfy that urge and we promise it will definitely not disappoint! This is one of the most popular hikes on the Big Island and it goes through the Volcanoes National Park.

It will also take you along the crater’s rim and you can see all the amazing formations around it: from steam vents to spatter cones, there are tons of volcanic features you will not see anywhere else!

Read more about what wonderful and amazing travel places Hawaii has to offer here!

#12 Cathedral Rock Trail, Arizona

It may not sound like much but this rock is very close to the famous Sedona red rock formations! Just one mile away it would be easy to get to Cathedral Rock, but we have to warn you: it is pretty steep so it will be a whole workout to get to it.  However, it is very worth it.

If you are one of the people who look for these things, like many other places in Sedona, Cathedral Rock is known for being a spiritual energy center! So this vortex is exactly the place for you. If not, we still recommend it for being an amazing place as the landscape is gorgeous. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself being inspired and calm!

#13 Lakeshore Loop Trail, Idaho

If you’ve ever wanted to see not only amazing views but also get a chance to see the wildlife that lives around the trail when people aren’t present, this Idaho hike is the one for you. Not only is it a loop, but it is only 1.6 miles so you know it won’t be too exhausting, and you can always catch a glimpse of unique birds, or if you are lucky, even a moose!

best hiking trails
Image By Engel Ching From Shutterstock

#14 Multnomah Falls Trail, Oregon

You may find this surprising (or not, depending on how close you know Oregon), but their best hike is not the Oregon Trail, no matter how the classic video game might want you to believe. This 2-mile trail is in the Scenic Area of the Columbia River Gorge and is much better (and less known), with gorgeous views of the Muthonomah Falls and the Benson Bridge.

If you love waterfalls, read more about the most amazing ones the US has to offer!

#15 Bubble Rock Trail, Maine

If you want to see some unique landmarks but do not want to have to go on hour long hikes, this trail is for you! Just a little out of Bar Harbour on Mount Desert Island, you will find Acadia National Park. Perched just on the side of the South Bubble Mountain, there lies the Bubble Rock! What’s amazing is that it looks like it is seconds away from falling!

You can see it up from the top of the hike (just 0.7 miles one way) together with all the beautiful nature!

#16 Look Up: Tall Trees Grove Loop Trail, California

This one might be one of the easiest trails, despite its 3.5 mile length, but it is definitely worth it. The hike loops around so you don’t have to worry that you will have to do the same length on the way back. This trail is impressive not just because of the myriad of tall trees but also because you can see the world’s tallest one: Hyperion.

hiking trail
Image By Matthew Noll From Shutterstock

#17 Whitaker Point Trail, Arkansas

Like most of the most amazing trails, there is something you can admire on the way up, at the end or just the whole journey itself is something to marvel at. However, this one in Arkansas near the town of Deer features a beautiful waterfall. Not only that but you will also be able to admire the vast valley under Whitaker Creek and take in the landscape. Just a tiny 2.9 miles hike to get there.

#18 Devil’s Lake Loop, Wisconsin

Everyone’s favorite state park named after the Devil himself can be found in Wisconsin! And it just wouldn’t be appropriate for the trail to be named anything else but after the place, it is in. This hike is about 4.8 miles long and it matches perfectly with its name: it is devilishly steep and not to be taken lightly as it can get dangerous if you aren’t careful.

However, the long, steep climb will be well worth it as at the top you will be able to see the amazing views formed by unique rock formations and you can also see Devil’s Lake in all its magnificent glory.

#19 From waterfall to waterfall! Blue Hen to Buttermilk Falls Trail, Ohio

You may have visited Ohio before, but this hiking trail is one to add when you are in the area the next time! It features not one, but two spectacular rushing waterfalls. Whoever said that hiking is just to keep in shape, truly didn’t appreciate everything Mother Nature left for us to enjoy! Don’t worry, if the 1.6 mile trail is a bit too easy for you, you can always take up the challenge, and instead of walking, run! It’s one of the most popular paths in Cuyahoga National Park!

#20 Wapack Trail: Mount Watatic and Nutting Hill, Massachusetts

Massachusetts has some amazing views and this treeless summit is definitely one of the places you should visit if you are a true hiking enthusiast! This 3.5 mile track is full of rock cairns that you will not be able to help but marvel at!

Not to mention, when you get to the second peak of the mount, you can catch a glimpse of the Boston skyline! We hope you get to do this on a clear day, especially at dawn or sunset, as the view is spectacular!

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