10 Amazing Gems Along Route 66 You Will Regret Missing

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route 66 gems
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Midpoint Cafe 

You probably guessed it by the name, but the Midpoint Cafe marks the exact middle point of Route 66. The road in Adrian, Texas even went as far as having a white line on the road to have a visual representation of this middle point, together with a sign that makes note of the distance between Chicago and Los Angeles- 1,139 miles away in each direction.

You can take a picture with the sign and add it to your collection (as it completes the trio with the “begin” and “ends” signs) and then make a stop at the cafe as well. Hungry motorists have been stopping here for years for a good ol’ American burger.

What’s even cooler about the cafe is that it also served as inspiration for the cafe in the animated movie “Cars”, which was run by the character Flo. You know the atmosphere is legit when it inspires a diner in massive animated production.

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9 thoughts on “10 Amazing Gems Along Route 66 You Will Regret Missing”

  1. Rolfe Jaremus

    Silvana has written an interesting article however the list of site ms to see is in a jumbled order. It would be more useful to a traveler to list these sites in trip order especially since you actually “start” in Grant Park. Thanks

  2. As I kept going from place on Route 66, I was certain Chloride, Arizona would surely be noted. It’s okey though because last I heard and saw, Chloride residents were perfectly satisfied with their quiet surroundings. My Grandma married William Epperson, a cowboy and well respected Deputy Sheriff in Cloride. I spent several summers there and even attended class in the school house. My Aunt served breakfast at the local bar before the work day began. Every day a donkey came through the swinging doors, up to the counter for his morning ritual, a stack of pancakes.

    So here I am, in my glory, reminiscing and thanking my wonderful Parents who wanted me to see the other side of glamour and glitz of the big cities in California where I was born 84 years ago.

    1. Hi Marilyn. Exactly my thoughts. I have been to Oatman many, many times as it is not too far from where I live, and I always find something fun, and historical about it. It’s a great place to visit, and there is quite a lot of history behind it. I still go there from time to time, and I never tire of it. It should have definitely been one of the stops on this list.

  3. If you want to live to make the rest of the trip, skip the ‘original rt 66’ sign in Chicago. Besides, it’s not an original sign anyhow, it’s a sign from AFTER 66 became ‘history’.

  4. Yes I drove that road when it was the main road. Stationed at the Marine base at Barstow Ca. Drove it every day and went to San Bernardino Ca to all the way to Texas on my way home prior to going over seas. Also drove it to get to the cut off to Big Bear in the mountains. Maybe put 2509 to 3000 miles on that road in the mid 1957 to mid 1958 .

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