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Best Tips For Safe Traveling During a Hurricane

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Traveling is a very fun thing to do, you get relaxation, you get to visit new places, meet new people and learn more about different countries and cultures.

However, when it comes to taking a vacation or traveling to a different region there’s always a golden rule that we should keep in mind: always check the weather forecast! Now, this one is very important, especially during the hurricane season.

During summer, this is a constant thing to look out for. There’s no joke about hurricanes and how deadly they can be, so, when traveling during this season  there are some things you can do to be safe and travel in the same manner:

But first, when and where does the hurricane season hit:

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When and where is hurricane season?

Usually, the hurricane season starts around July 1st and it ends by the end of November, so there are a few months you should be watching out and doing your best to keep you and your loved ones, safe.

The difference between a storm and a hurricane is the fact that during a hurricane the wind is greater than 75 mph and it’s more aggressive. A tropical storms’ winds are greater than 39 mph. It usually hits the coast so, pay attention and make sure you are informed by watching The Weather Channel’s Hurricane News.

The first step is…

The right travel insurance. Getting travel insurance is always the first step when you are planning a trip, several things can go wrong, or some obstacles can appear out of nowhere. Insurance has your back financially in case of any unplanned and unfortunate events.

Several plans can cover you in case anything unpleasant occurs. When there’s a hurricane there can be mandatory evacuations of certain areas, delayed or canceled flights, and so on. Remember to always carry with you a copy of the travel insurance, just in case you don’t have any access to the Internet.

Also, make sure you purchase it in advance because once a forecaster announces that a hurricane is going to hit, it becomes obvious that a storm is going to affect your trip and the event is considered preventable, so your plan will no longer be able to cover anything.

In case your flight has been canceled or delayed here’s what you should do:  Flight Got Canceled Or Delayed? Here’s What You Should Know.

hurricane tips
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Travel tips for a safe trip during hurricane season

Since the hurricane season lasts for so many months, especially during the traveling season, people should be prepared and know some tips such as the following:

Pack a carry-on

When hurricanes occur, there are flights that will be affected, meaning they will get delayed or worse, canceled. When that happens, there’s a high chance you will be separated from your baggage and necessities for an undetermined period.

So the best thing you can do, if possible, is to pack only a carry-on with you. In addition, if you do have travel insurance, they can reimburse you if you need some items, but that only if your baggage is delayed for more than 12-14 hours and it depends on what kind of insurance plan you have.

Take a cruise instead

If you haven’t already paid for a flight to reach your destination, then it’s not too late to take a cruise to the destination. These are much more flexible than air travel, in case anything happens they can detour to alternative ports.

It’s more convenient since it’s less of a headache. I know what you may be thinking: “Is it safe to travel on the water during a hurricane?”, well many people seem to say so.

They have a lot of technology and can see in advance if there is any storm out there and will prevent anything bad in advance. In addition, you may want to consider a destination that has fewer chances of being hit. Discuss this with a travel agent or consultant.

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Always be prepared for anything 

Since the hurricane season lasts for so many months you need to be prepared for anything and have some backup plans just to be safe. You can add some extra days, as buffer time.

Leave a few days at the end of the trip. What else you should be paying attention to is where you leave your car, because hurricanes can hit your home too, not just your travel destination. So many travelers come back home from their trip only to find their cars destroyed or floating.

Make sure you park them in a garage that’s on a higher level.

Bring some extra items

If you travel during this season, expect delays, canceled flights, or closed roads. That means you should have some extra items with you for additional travel days. If you travel by plane there are high chances of that happening and you need to be prepared to spend some more time waiting to embark on the flight.

Like we mentioned before, always have a carry-on with you, so have some essentials packed in it. Such as your charger, medication, some extra clothes, and toiletries.

Make sure your tickets and accommodation are refundable 

If you don’t want to take any chances, make sure to check in advance that your accommodation and your plane (or whatever transportation you chose) tickets are refundable. Losing money is the worst that can happen to anyone, so be cautious ahead of time.

It can be scary, exhausting, and a bit frustrating to travel during a hurricane, so when you are making plans to travel during the season, make sure that almost everything that you book is refundable. Even if you can’t get every penny back, if you can save at least some of the money it’s better than losing everything.

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Choose your travel providers wisely

If a hurricane hits and things go unfortunate for you it’s a good idea to have good providers that you can rely on. Book a hotel that will allow you to stay a bit longer until things calm down.

A good travel agent can make a big difference in your experience and so does a good hotel company. Some travelers who happen to have their trip affected by a hurricane are being well-taken care of during these tough times, being provided with accommodation, food, toiletries, and so on.

So, if the region you are going to travel to has a high chance of being hit by the hurricane make sure you are making the right choices when it comes to your providers.

Final Word

It can easily get frustrating when your plans, that you were so excited for, got canceled, or for some reason, got messed up. That is why if you are planning a trip during the storm season then you should prepare yourself for any potential obstacles.

While traveling during the hurricane season the most important things are constantly checking the forecast and having the right travel insurance.

P.S.: Here are the biggest mistakes most travelers tend to make!

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