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The Most Amazing Fountains in the US

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Fountains have long been a focal point of admiration. A stunning fountain can bring a feeling of calmness and tranquility to all those in its range. They’re unique worldwide, inspiring crowds with beautiful sculptures, music, light shows, or even just the calming trickle of water. Even though they are used today to decorate parks and squares, for recreation, and honor individuals or events, fountains in the US no longer distribute drinking water and are merely for decorative purposes.

Our country happens to have many unique fountains across different cities and states. You may recognize a few, while others may be entirely new for you. Regardless, each of these fountains is magnificent to behold. If you’re traveling around the US, find out what impressive water creations are nearby.

Find out our picks for the top 12 most beautiful, unusual, and exciting fountains in the US (you’ll love number 10)!

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1. Bellagio Fountains: Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most notoriously famous fountains in the entire world is located in fabulous Las Vegas. The Bellagio fountains, which initially debuted in 1998, are situated in front of the Bellagio Resort. These Nevada Fountains have been built on an artificial lake sustained by a freshwater well. The fountains of water are spectacular and soar as high as 460 feet.

An immense lake in front of the casino spreads along the road, reflecting the Bellagio’s structure throughout the day. At night, they transform into a display of 1,000 water jets synchronized to 30 different tunes throughout the evening.

The music choreography includes songs such as “God Bless the USA” and “Viva Las Vegas,” among others. If you’re in Las Vegas, this is a “can’t-miss.”

2. Scott Memorial Fountain: Detroit, Michigan

This one comes shrowded in a bit of gossip! Constructed in 1925, the Scott Memorial Fountain is found in Belle Isle Park, Detroit, and was built to honor James Scott, a Detroit native. Scott had a reputation for being a vindictive, cruel misanthrope. His enemies were many, for he seemed to get a kick out of feuds, practical jokes, and lawsuits.

Upon his death in 1910, his vast estate was left to the city. But, his gift came with a catch…The city also had to raise a life-size statue of him. The issue would be locked in intense debate for years. The fountain is vast, spanning 510 feet wide, and sprays water as high as 125 feet into the air. It also has 109 orifices shaped like dolphins, humans, lions, turtles, and other animals.

3. Pulitzer Fountain: Manhattan, New York

In Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza, you’ll find the 22ft tall Pulitzer fountain that stands proudly against the city’s skyline. Karl Bitter and Thomas Hastings designed it in 1915, and it was built to create cohesion within Central Park.

This New York City Fountain is composed of six levels of water basins, with the sixth being the highest and fixed with the sculpture of Pomona, the goddess of abundance, holding a basket full of fruits. Joseph Pulitzer, a successful publisher at the time, who contributed $50,000 to the fountain’s construction, is honored with the fountain’s name.

…Check this out!

Photo by f11photo at Shutterstock

4. Crown Fountain: Chicago, Illinois

The Crown Fountain in Chicago has been praised as an electronic and artfully crafted masterpiece. Two mechanics sit opposite of each other, showing about 1,000 arbitrary Chicagoan’s faces. The panels are approximately 50 feet high and flank a granite space comprising around 230 feet.

The faces are shown for a couple of minutes every day, and eventually, water pours from the pursed lips into a small puddle as the final face emerges. This is a display of the phenomenal trade-off between the electronic world and a water feature. At night, the glass brick panels shine out of spotlights within the towers.

The faces are displayed on the interior of these towers, while the sides with no faces glow. It’s by far the most sought-after attraction in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

5. Scioto Mile Fountain: Columbus, Ohio

In downtown Columbus, you’ll find an area known as the Scioto Mile, which is over 145 acres of parkland with bikeways, pedestrian paths, and green regions scattered across the riverfront. Its centerpiece is the architectural masterpiece known as the Scioto Fountain. Many of the water features are interactive during daytime hours.

The water parts consist of round halo structures, full of nozzles in the top of the halo and up from the floor, making sure that those who play become soaked. These features aren’t permitted to be played after they’ve closed to the interactive sessions of the day. After closing time, lighting will illuminate the gorgeous streams for the nighttime screens for all to watch.

6. Pineapple Fountain: Charleston, South Carolina

You can view the pineapple emblem throughout Charleston, representing hospitality, which the city is well known for. But the Charleston Waterfront Park is home to the Pineapple, comprised of three distinct tiers and a small pool around its base. The tiers have been made to look just like the exterior of a pineapple’s skin, and the shirt has the ”crown,” which you would see on a real one.

In addition to the lovely flowering plant, Lush green shrubs surround the attribute, adding to its attractiveness. In the evenings, this outstanding feature is illuminated by a yellowish hue, which makes it appear the color of a genuine pineapple.

Photo by Rudy Balasko at Shutterstock

7. Buckingham Fountain: Chicago, Illinois

While you may not associate the word Buckingham with Chicago, the Windy City offers you a famous landmark constructed out of pink Georgia marble. It uses over 1.5 million gallons of water, and Buckingham Fountain is a fairly large pool, complete with three enormous tiers living in its center.

There are two magnificent sculptures on each side of the tiers, made up of four seahorses that seem to be playing and swimming in the water, and these seahorses symbolize the four Midwestern states surrounding the lake, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana, which surround the mighty Lake Michigan.

Jets take the water of 150 ft from the air, along with the tiers whose jets take the water upwards on an extra tier. The day shows have music and lights, and this water feature is known as the ”front door” into Chicago and is a beautiful representation of this city AND Lake Michigan.

8. Fountain of Nations: Epcot, Florida

Ever been to Disneyworld? If you have, you’re probably familiar with Epcot’s Future World in the middle of the plaza area. Every 15 minutes, a water show happens for its audiences. The water streams leap to an assortment of Disney tunes in the large oblong pool with tiers rising from the center.

Computer-operated pumps deliver water cascading down the tiers of lights and music as people delight in the presentation. The fountain was included as a segment of the Epcot opening-day service, in which 22 nations poured a jug of water to serve their own country representing unity and understanding. Visitors are mesmerized by the colors, music, and dance of the water, and it’s a great stop to rest and enjoy the moment.

9. Bethesda Fountain: New York

This is another excellent fountain, located in the middle of New York! You can find it at The Bethesda Foundation, in the Middle of the Bethesda Terrace at New York’s Central Park. Perfect for your next picnic spot!

The fountain was constructed between 1859 and 1864, and it was kept dry for a few decades before being restored by the Central Park Conservancy between 1980 and 1981. It was constructed by Emma Stebbins, the first woman to be given a public commission for an artistic piece.

The fountain itself is built in the middle of a pool, and The name Bethesda alludes to the Bible in John, Chapter 5, when an angel stirs up healing waters. Beneath the statue that’s created from a female winged angel are all cherubs, who represent temperance, purity, and wellness.

Photo by maytikka at Shutterstock

10. Metamorphosis Fountain: Charlotte, North Carolina

You may not find a fountain any wilder than this beast found in the US town of Charlotte. Metalmorphosis is a piece of art created by Czech sculptor David Černý, unveiled in 2007, consisting of 2 dozen reflective stainless steel plates that rotate independently.

This huge moving metal head sits on serene, slowly moving water, constantly forming into a head and then deforming, like a Rubix cube into pieces, and then reforming as a head in another direction.

This peaceful yet exciting fountain weighs 14 tons and stands nearly 25 feet high. Every so often, each of the plates lines up to create a perfectly shaped individual mind.

11. The Mustangs of Las Colinas: Irving, Texas

This strategically-placed fountain creates the grand illusion of mustangs galloping across a river. The bronze sculpture that decorates Williams Square in Las Colinas is apparently the biggest equestrian sculpture in the world. Designed by Kenyan sculptor Robert Glen and installed in 1984, “Mustangs of Las Colinas” describe a herd of nine bronze mustangs racing across a river, splashing water.

It pays tribute to wild mustangs, which have heartfelt historical importance in Texas. The Mustangs signify the ambition and drive needed to live successfully through the days of the American leaders. Across from the sculpture, you’ll find the Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum, displaying the many years of work Glen spent on the sculpture. The museum also shows a short film on the building process and other works by Glen.

12. Longwood Gardens Fountain: Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

The Longwood Gardens had initially been famous for the open-air theater that has hosted many performances since the early 1900s. The stunning fountain itself puts on quite a show that many stop to observe.

A pond region full of perfectly manicured bushes, trees, and stone walls, provides height and dimension to the water flows since they dance from area to area beneath the surfaces and plants.

Seven hundred fifty jets produce a plethora of patterns and, as the mist comes in, the flow causes rainbows to appear. The shows begin in late May for the summer and are showcased on the hour between 10 am and 5 pm daily every few minutes.

Let us know if you know of any other unique and amazing fountains below!

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