8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida

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Grayton Beach

You’ll find this weekend getaway in a quiet village that sits along the Gulf of Mexico in the northwest part of Florida between Panama City and Pensacola. Most of the town is nestled within the almost 2,000-acre Grayton Beach State Park.

While we have no doubt that you’ll be spending lots of time at the beach, be sure to also check out the park’s exceptional coastal dune lakes and coastal forest, where the salty Gulf winds have intricately twisted the scrub oaks and magnolias.

This rare natural phenomenon can be viewed along a stroll of 4 miles of scenic walking trails. As for your accommodations, the park holds 30 cabins for overnight stays.

We recommend you pack your bags IMMEDIATELY and head off for that much-needed down time…Just be sure to drop us a comment when you get back from your weekend getaway and let us know which of these locations were your favorite!

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2 thoughts on “8 Best Weekend Getaways in Florida”

  1. Also don’t forget a little place on the Gulf Coast of FL called, (please excuse my spelling),
    Weekewatche State Park. Read about it in Parade Magazine. It was started by a returning
    WWII Veteran, who dreamed of his own water park, complete with mermaids. I couldn’t make
    that up if I tried. The young ladies wear mermaid tails and breathe through a modified version
    of Jacques Cousteau’s SCUBA gear. The name of the place sounds like something from a
    Bugs Bunny cartoon!!

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