9 Unusual Places to Visit in the US

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Cincinnati Abandoned Subways, Ohio

There are a lot of movies that are set in abandoned subways and let’s be honest, they always pique our interest and it’s happened to the best of us to think about how it would be to go around subways. Well, if you were ever curious you can rejoice as Cincinnati has their now abandoned subway tunnel open for visitors! It is also the largest tunnel in the US.

If we are honest, it was not abandoned, but rather the construction stopped in the late 1920s, leaving the started project of seven miles of tunnel graded and bridged without tracks. In the end, the entrance to the subway was leveled down to make room for highways, but the tunnels in the underground remain to this day. Despite the fact that they have offered tours in the past, the tunnels are no longer accessible. If they were, it would have been one of the most unusual tourist attractions you could visit.

Who knows? Maybe in the near future, they open the tours again so all of us can satisfy our curiosity!

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