9 Unusual Places to Visit in the US

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Glass Beach, California

This unique, albeit unusual beach, is proof that Mother Nature is the most creative and surprising! You can visit this amazing and unique beach if you go to Fort Bragg in California. The glass beach is a result of six decades of people, wrongly, throwing their trash into the ocean from the cliffs. It is definitely not environmentally friendly, but Mother Nature had other plans for all that garbage.

In the end, all the trash started to wash up on the shore of the beach, yet in a very unusual form: they were smooth pieces of glass. With how plastic wasn’t as prevalent back then as it is now, it’s not surprising. Yet, nowadays it is a beautiful sight. The beach is protected, so don’t even think about taking one of the glass pieces with you.

However, you can take all the pictures your heart desires and you may even be lucky enough to find a sapphire colored gem from an apothecary bottle or ruby red from a 1967 car’s headlights. Small pieces of history are preserved on the shores of this beach!

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