9 Unusual Places to Visit in the US

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Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail, Missouri

Yep, you read that one well. The Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail is not just a name for shock value, but an actual old nuclear waste disposal site. Back in WWII, this Weldon Springs site was the place where they threw the nuclear waste, and it was so much that it was almost seven stories high.

The place was too dangerous to be visited for years, as the radiation levels were too high, but in recent times it has been deemed safe to be visited. It is nothing but the weirdest place you can visit in America! You can hike up the waste pile, which has been covered with rocks and soil, but the harmful toxins created the site’s signature white ground all those years ago. You can hike up to the top of the hill for a fun wasteland moment, or you can pay the museum a visit to learn more about nuclear waste.

One thing’s for sure, you cannot get bored in this unusual attraction!

If the weird and unexpected places are not your cup of tea, don’t worry! You can always pay these stunning waterfalls a visit we guarantee you will not regret it!

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