Top 9 Underrated US Destinations You Should Visit in This Lifetime

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Bowling Green: Kentucky

Our last, but not least, underrated US getaway location can be found in the southern part of Kentucky. While this metropolis may be primarily known for the National Corvette Museum, there’s so much more to see in this small Kentucky City.

Whether you catch some thrilling vibes at the Beech Bend Amusement Park and Raceway or if you want to learn about its local history, you’ll be sure to fall in love with this underrated “All American” spot.

History buffs will love all the Civil War history at the nearby Kentucky Museum or the Hobson House. And suppose you’re looking for a more adventurous time.

In that case, we recommend checking out the Lost River Cave, which offers its visitors an underground cave journey that you can’t find anywhere else in the state.

So even though there are many amazing places to choose from when planning your next trip, why not pick one of these underrated locations for a destination you won’t soon forget?!?

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Underrated US Destinations You Should Visit in This Lifetime”

  1. Thank you. Now I definitely want to go to Bowling Green but I may be too old to travel. I don’t think so but I’ll bet my “others” wouldn’t like it much. Anyway I loved the pictures and descriptions.

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