The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once

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Odd Duck- Austin, Texas

Austin is often times seen as a playground for food enthusiasts, with its magical BBQ, chili parlors, and taquerias. Well, imagine that Odd Duck took all that, plus what’s left of the southern cuisine, and lifted it all to new heights.

Need something to imagine? Just picture the mushroom chorizo quesadillas with Oaxaca cheese, and pork loin with garlic-pecan mole. It’s the mother of rustic!

Pieterzyk Pierogi- Detroit, Michigan

It’s worth having a small conversation on Polish street food, as it’s a sector we might not be so familiar with, in comparison to a large part of the Midwest population.

Whether you’re into sweet or savory, you’ll definitely find something there that’s worth trying and which you’ll end up loving. The place is amazing!

Fore Street Restaurant- Portland, Maine

Many foodies run to the other Portland nowadays to grab a bite at Fore Street. Some of the highlights are the bevy of fresh seafood, wood-grilled marinated squid, pork loin with fermented cabbage, and half-chicken with collard greens.

Apteka- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you thought we were going to end this list without mentioning any vegan restaurants, you were mistaken.

Apteka is well known among the vegan locals of Pittsburgh, thanks to its slow cooking and braising that has made everyone love their food. You can also be a meat-lover, you’ll still love the ingenuity and flavor in this place!

Bazaar Meat- Las Vegas, Nevada

By deciding to eat here, you’ll be offered a bold, shared-plate experience. The meat is gloriously cooked here, alongside dishes like jasper-roasted asparagus, brilliant souffle, and chicken croquetas.

Are you pretty close to retirement? Well, we have the perfect locations for your golden years!  

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5 thoughts on “The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once”

  1. thank you mara this article is lovely it made me hangry as i read it.

    i am not a traveler but i will take this list with me whenever i do.

    i love the beaches i have been to and hope to go back to at least

    1 some day soon.

    1. Hello…mmmmm how about a trip to Tarpon Springs…Rusty Bellies Waterfront omg I miss this place. Variety laidback family tiki on the Waterfront. I do love the seafood.

      1. Also…Crystal River, FL…Gulf Coast southern hospitality. Fresh scallops, shrimps yes again am partial to the Gulf side seafoods

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