The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once

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Lucille’s- Houston, Texas

Lucille’s brings a new perspective on southern cuisine, and thanks to that, it has become a real specialty in Houston. This restaurant brings a great homage to the owner’s grandmother. It subtly navigates many comforts of the food genre, from deliciously fried meats to fluffy grits.

Demi- Minneapolis, Minnesota

You can find Demi in the North Loop, in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. If you want to see how much the food culture in Minneapolis has evolved, this place is definitely a fine reflection.

Many home chefs have had quite the experience here, learning a lot and enjoying the work of a real culinary mind.

Vetri Cucina- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you wish for a true Italian restaurant, visiting Vetri Cucina by chef Marc Vetri will definitely put your desires at ease. The menu shows exactly how powerful the classic Italian kitchen is, with a touch of influences from all over the planet.

You will find some of the best pasta in the region there, but also a couple of inventive desserts, such as molten pistachio cake with strawberry-black pepper gelato.

Carnitas Lonja- San Antonio, Texas

In towns such as San Antonio, you’ll find good tacos growing on trees. Places like Carnitas Lonja become even more special, as it stands out among other options in the city.

You’ll experience out-of-this-world tortillas here, and other amazing dishes like ceviche, chorizo with fresh fish, and carnitas. If you decide to visit this place, it will be hard not to end up eating all of your 3 meals there.

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5 thoughts on “The 25 Restaurants You Should Try at Least Once”

  1. thank you mara this article is lovely it made me hangry as i read it.

    i am not a traveler but i will take this list with me whenever i do.

    i love the beaches i have been to and hope to go back to at least

    1 some day soon.

    1. Hello…mmmmm how about a trip to Tarpon Springs…Rusty Bellies Waterfront omg I miss this place. Variety laidback family tiki on the Waterfront. I do love the seafood.

      1. Also…Crystal River, FL…Gulf Coast southern hospitality. Fresh scallops, shrimps yes again am partial to the Gulf side seafoods

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