10 Extremely Overrated Travel Destinations in the US (and Where You Should Go Instead)

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San Francisco
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5. San Francisco, CA

With cold weather and winding roads that will definitely mess up your styled hair, the classy and cool San Francisco is a place that isn’t for the faint of heart. From trams to trolleys, traveling on foot in this city can turn into a real challenge.

Even if you own a car, parking is pretty awful. Take a few photos and enjoy the seafood, but get ready to endure hours of traffic, especially if you’re planning to use Bay Bridge. Speaking of, multiple sinkholes and potholes found on San Francisco’s roads may also contribute to a bad driving experience within the city.

Here’s a BETTER alternative to this overrated travel destination: Pine Point, ME. Ideal for seafood lovers, seaside travelers, and those who enjoy being near water. Unfortunately, this coastal city tends to be overlooked.

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