10 Extremely Overrated Travel Destinations in the US (and Where You Should Go Instead)

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San Diego
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9. San Diego, CA

Besides all the beach-related activities you can do while in a beach city, San Diego doesn’t boast much else, so it’s safe to say it’s an overrated travel destination. If you’re into both Mexican food and seafood, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Apart from that, San Diego may not be the ideal beach city you’d want to spend your vacation in.

From beach parties to shores packed with parents trying to comfort their crying toddlers, make sure to double-check your travel plans before booking your flights to San Diego.

Here’s a BETTER alternative to this overrated travel destination: Orange Beach, Alabama. Though the South is well-known for its delicious foods, don’t overlook its proximity to stunning bodies of water. If you want to enjoy the seaside from a quiet place, consider spending your days off here.

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