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12 for ’24: 2024’s BEST Monthly Travel Ideas (Part 1)

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Do you know the best destinations for this year?

When it comes to the best destinations, we all have parts of the world that we would love to visit. However, depending on the month you plan to travel, some of these places may not be the best bang for your buck. In the end, while you can make the most of your holiday in any weather, you would not want to end up freezing or sweating too much out there!

That’s why we came to your aid. Here at USA Wanderers, we care about your travels, and using the combined knowledge of all our writers, we have gathered some of the best destinations for each of the months of the year, so you will have your whole year covered if you are ever looking for a new place to travel to!

Filled with both local and international destinations, these are just some of the destinations that you can choose for your next vacation—some that we love and some that we just think would be perfect for a certain month. If you do not know where to head to or are curious about which place is best for each month, keep reading to discover our favorite locations!

What are your favorite destinations? Are any of them on our list? Which one of them sparked most of your interest? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Image By Lucian Coman From Shutterstock

January: Cape Town, South Africa

When it comes to January, chances are that you are in a cold climate. And while some of us love the cold, a lot of us would like to get some respite from one of the coldest months of the year. It is one of the best destinations to go to during the cold months, but January is probably the best one out of them. Cape Town, in South Africa, is a stunning city that you have to visit.

In Cape Town, it’s actually summer, but it is not the height of the season, so you can expect temperatures between 62°F and 82°F, which makes it perfect weather to just wear a light jacket and t-shirt. There are lots of things to do here, but make sure you do not miss the scenic cable car ride on Table Mountain, which is open until 8:30 p.m. in January only.

Other places to keep on your list include the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden (you may also be able to catch the summer concerts), the V&A Waterfront, and the Two Oceans Aquarium, just to name a few!

February: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

If there’s one place you need to go for Mardi Gras, it is New Orleans. While a lot of other cities and places globally organize the celebration, you will never find a better destination for such a celebration. This year, it falls on the 13th of February, but you can expect the celebrations to start as early as the 10th!

There are lots to visit in this amazing city, be it cultural landmarks or amazing food venues, but with the added celebrations, you can expect some amazing displays. The celebration floats organized by the social clubs (also known as Krewes) are definitely the show stealers and always a ton of fun!

Grab your throws (those medallions and beads down in the audience), your to-go cup for drinks, and a slice of king cake and join in the celebration! You should experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans at least once, and this year is not to be missed!

best destinations
Image By Skreidzeleu From Shutterstock

March: Lima, Peru

If you are a foodie, then you should not skip a trip to Peru in March. This is because that is when the country rolls into fall and all the restaurants are going to be going hard after awards. The best restaurant of 2023 is here in Lima, and you may just be able to snag a reservation at one of these places.

If you cannot get into the restaurant that won first place, you do not have to fret: the chef, Chef Pía León, also has other restaurants in the city, and you may be able to get a spot in those.

The restaurant scene in Lima is just a bonus to all the fun things you can do in the city, and you can always end the day with an amazing dinner, no matter if you hit up the high-end or hole-in-the-wall places!

April: British Columbia, Canada

It may not sound like such a great idea to go here just as the sky season is ending, but this is exactly why you should never sleep on the opportunity to go to British Columbia in April. The sky season is ending, and the snow all ends up melting, making the waterfalls in the region spectacular to see.

Not to mention, you will find the region way less crowded now that everyone has given up on the ski slopes. What’s more, you can also get a glimpse of some of the 20,000 Pacific Grey Whales that are making their way through from their Mexico winter to their Alaskan summer!

If you are a hiking enthusiast, this would be a great time to go on a long hike, which will bring about all the types of terrain you may have wanted to try out. The Sunshine Trail is a great stop for a mid-spring adventure.

If you have been trying to get into hiking but cannot find a pair of hiking books that are going to fit you best, we have got you covered. These are some of our favorites in the office, and they may just be a perfect fit for you too; these boots are affordable, reliable, and comfortable!

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Photo by Dancestrokes from Shutterstock

May: San Diego, California, USA

You may not think much about Cali’s southernmost city, but there is more to it than you may think. It is definitely all you have heard of when it comes to the surf life and the beach life. You will find gorgeous beaches and surf shops, along with some amazing farmer’s markets and organic cafes with specialty coffee to die for.

However, that is not the main selling point of this city for this year. San Diego is 2024’s World Design Capital, and to make things even more interesting, it is a binational winner as it shares the distinction with Mexico’s Tijuana!

While this type of award will make you think about museum galleries and other art shows, it is not about this (but you can find about 17 of those in San Diego in Balboa Park if you are interested in them). The award refers to the human-centric design and teenage infrastructure that are indeed inspiring and something you should definitely see with your own eyes if you have never been.

Not to mention, it will offer you all you could ever want: amazing culture, access to gorgeous coastlines, and a year-long string of events that you can attend!

June: Belfast, North Ireland

This city is an interesting one that you can find in Europe, and that is because of a number of factors. Back in 2018, it was intensely preparing to put its foot forward in order to be named Europe’s Capital of Culture. However, with Brexit coming soon, this has translated to no longer being eligible to win this distinction offered by the European Union.

Despite this, the city continued to improve in cultural areas and decided that they would hold their own cultural celebration. Here comes Belfast 2024!

The city is expected to hold a number of important events in conjunction with the famous Eden Project so that they can also commemorate the maritime roots of the city. There are a lot of things worth your attention, but June is the best month due to the fact that the AVA electronic festival starts on the 1st of June and is also followed by Belsonic, another outdoor festival.

If you want to see the likes of Blondie, Sting, Olly Murs, or Take That, just to name a few acts, this is the June destination for you!

Do not worry! We have the rest of our recommendations ready, and you can read all about the rest of the year in our article here!

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