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8 Charming Italian Towns You MUST Add to Your “Wanderer” Bucket List

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Italian Town
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Pack your bags! We’re on a mission to discover some charming Italian towns!

We all know what makes Italy stand out from the crowd: Incredible food, fantastic art, a rich language, and stunning landscapes. So we’re not surprised that this country is a dream destination that attracts millions of visitors yearly with its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious gastronomy.

But while most folks head to famous destinations like Florence or Rome, you might want to add a few small towns or villages to your itinerary. The scenic Italian towns and villages are surrounded by picturesque coastlines, mountains, valleys, rivers, and even volcanoes.

Full of hidden gems, Italy’s countryside is worth a visit with some of the prettiest sights you’ll ever see. But where do you begin? Well, first, plan your trip to your dream destination in Italy. And then, check out our list to see which charming Italian town is near you.

Or, you can plan an entire trip around discovering Italy’s hidden gems. Either way, no matter what part of this beautiful country you’re visiting, there’s a lovely Italian town waiting to greet you!

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