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These Are 10 of the World’s Oldest Restaurants

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What’s the oldest restaurant you’ve been to?

For some people, this may be a weird question, but if you’re an avid traveler, chances are you’re interested in visiting some of the world’s oldest restaurants. This concept of eating meals away from your house and having someone else cook for you must have started sometime in the past.

We don’t know exactly the origin of this custom, but there are a few remarkable restaurants that have somehow stood the test of time in an era where eateries come and go with the seasons.

The world’s oldest restaurants hold a certain aura and, in one way or another, have followed in the footsteps of some of history’s greatest thinkers and artists. It’s even better when that uniqueness is paired with some of the world’s top cuisine.

Whether it’s for personal reasons or for social media purposes, foodies who are also travel enthusiasts may want to check out this list. Here are 10 of the oldest restaurants in the world, and yes, they are still in operation!

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1 thought on “These Are 10 of the World’s Oldest Restaurants”

  1. I lived in Boston for 30 years and The Old Union Oyster House was an every Saturday event for a dozen oysters on the half shell with that great taste of the ocean and a glass of cold beer. God, do I miss it!!!!!

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