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The Best Destinations for Retirement

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When it comes to thinking about having an amazing retirement, we look forward to long days of leisure and the opportunity to spend more time doing what we love. One of those opportunities is to pack your bags and travel to exotic destinations. But why just have a vacation? Why not retire to the many premier travel destinations the world has to offer?

Whether it’s just for a change of scenery, more affordable healthcare or to minimize your overall cost of living, many Americans choose to spend their golden years in international locations where the weather is better and life moves at a slower pace.

So, if you’re considering relocating to another country for your retirement, we have 11 of the best destinations that will not only provide you with the relaxation you need but with a few more extra dollars in your pocket.

Here Are the Best Locations for Your Retirement!

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1. St. Andrews, Scotland

If you are a fan of golf, then why not settle down in the place where the game was invented, St Andrews. It might at first glance seem like just a tiny town on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, but it has so much more to offer after you’ve played 18 rounds at the Old Course or one of 10 other courses in the town.

Take a stroll through the tranquility of Craigtoun Country Park or St. Andrews Botanic Garden to enjoy the town’s natural beauty. Or perhaps take off your shoes and walk along the town’s three beaches. Once you’ve paid a visit to the museums or the aquarium, you can sit back and enjoy a pint of Scottish ale at one of the twenty bars dotted across the town.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Destinations for Retirement”


    I am 65 and retired from a major California police department, with a pension and medical. Retired 14 years. I am also a practicing attorney and am considering complete retirement between now and age 70. I purchased a home in Puebla, Mexico and it is lovely and inexpensive. My pension from the police and my social security at 70 and savings along with a home in Mexico that is paid for virtually guarantees that I will leave for Mexico full time soon, I am there in the Summer at this point. Mexico is very inexpensive unless you are in a tourist beach town, including the Baja coast at Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, and Cabo. Going inland slightly really saves much money and I am certain that my golden years will be great in Puebla. Mexico takes a hit on crime but I invite anyone to spend a weekend in Chicago or my original hometown Detroit and compare the violence. I am an ardent conservative and lover of the USA. I served in the USMC and 31 years in the violence rocked major city in California, and I still think for those who no longer need to work Mexico offers much. I also intend to spend a few months every year in Capena, Italy.

  2. For seniors, weather, healthcare, and taxes top the list. Scotland’s weather is cold and chilly and damp for much of the year, and very dark for half of it. It’s almost impossible to get permanent residence in the U.K. Healthcare, near and dear to seniors, isn’t mentioned but given the size of the town, not promising.

  3. France Desmarattes

    That was very educational as I’m making my last 3-5 years until my retirement years 🤔 I pretty much enjoy the information above and would like to learn more. All seems very exciting and inviting which will make it hard to pick the right place. As they say reaching retirement years are the last road on earth, so make it count or worth while, avoid slowing down and experience it all before checking out and those are my plans. Thank you.

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