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10 BIG Mistakes All Travelers Are Making

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When you have to travel for business purposes or on a vacation, several plans have to be made, there’s a lot of stuff you need to do and sometimes in the middle of this hurricane of chores, mistakes can happen.

And so we thought it’s best to make a list full of frequent mistakes, all travelers made at least once, so you can be prepared next time you’re traveling. When you’re traveling by plane, things get even trickier because there are several other obstacles that can appear (a delayed flight, interminable queues at security check, etc).

Here’s what you should ALWAYS pay attention to:

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1. Forgetting Your Passport and Other Traveling Documents

This is a classic mistake and everyone did this at least once. Having too much on your plate on the departure day can make you forget your passport or other necessary documents you need for traveling.

But make sure you put all of them in your bag or on top of it one day prior to the trip, that way you won’t leave them at home and you won’t risk delaying your departure or missing your flight or ride. There’s nothing worse than missing your flight and the aftermath of it.

Also, make extra copies just in case.

2. Packing Too Much

Packing too many clothes or unnecessary items is a very common problem for travelers. The thing is, if you travel by plane, the extra weight will cost you A LOT of money. And even if you don’t travel by plane you would want a light baggage case because it’s easier to carry it around.

You will end up not wearing all of the clothes you brought, but we get it, it’s hard to decide right on the spot and you need options. Try and make a list from the beginning with the things you absolutely need in your trip and try sticking to it.

3. Forgetting About The Cell Phone Plan

When you travel to another country it’s important to know what your cell phone plan is covering. Why is that? Well, there are several conditions and loopholes or extra fees your carrier service is applying once you’ve left the U.S.

That’s why it’s best to turn off the mobile data and once you arrived at your destination buy a local SIM card. However, if your career is T-Mobile you may want to look into their policies, they are covering free data in over 200 countries. (Why didn’t we know this before?!)

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4. You Didn’t Check The Visa Requirements

In some countries, you need a visa to get into the country even if you’re just visiting. For some you need to fill in some paperwork or to meet certain requirements, you may want to check those out before you embark on your flight and it’s too late.

In addition, some of them even require a face-to-face or online interview before they hand you in the visa. Make sure you do a lot of research or speak to your travel agents about all of the things you need to fill in or do before arriving at the destination.

5. Adding Too Many Activities To Your Trip Itinerary

If you’re going on a trip where you plan to visit several locations, historic sites, or cultural points you may want to think twice. The thing is, you may not have the time to do all of the things you had in mind in the first place.

And besides that, it may not even be a good idea in the first place for several reasons. First, if you booked your trip in the crowded season you may want to avoid that at some of the tourist attractions, the queues can be a big pain in the neck.

Secondly, if you overreacted on your list, it can get very exhausting to visit some places and you end up not enjoying your vacation at all. And thirdly, let’s not forget about the weather, if you travel to warmer climates (e.g.: Egypt) the heat and visiting certain attractions during a killer weather season can be very dangerous.

6. Buying Flights With A Short Layover

If you travel to a country that’s far away or if you just happen to have a stop that connects you to a different flight, you should book a flight with a long layover.

Why is that? Well, it so happens that you may not have the time to go through customs, reach another terminal in time and who knows, some airlines even require you to do the check-in again before you embark on your second flight.

In addition, take into consideration, the possible delay of your first fight which will affect the transfer time to the second. And so it’s for the best that before you book a flight that includes a stop, check how long is the stop and make sure you have enough time.

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7. Not KEEPING Your Belongings Safe!!!

On a daily basis, tourists are being robbed in several countries. Now, of course, it’s not their fault because bad guys exist, however you may want to avoid this kind of unpleasant incident when you’re traveling.

The first important thing is to never keep all of your money in just one place, and avoid having cash with you. Then, if you happen to have more electronics with you, besides your phone, put them in the safe, don’t leave them lying around in random places in your room.

Make sure that when you travel or you’re visiting attractions you keep your belongings out of sight so they can’t be reached and stolen easily from your backpack/bag. Oh, and you may consider buying some anti-theft bags as well. We’re not saying that everywhere around the world you can be robbed during your vacation, but just keep your things safe.

8. Ignoring The Guide’s or Local’s Advice

Many people ignore what their tour guide or other locals are telling them from the beginning of their trip. In some countries, that might not be such a big deal, but don’t be tempted to make this mistake because it might get worse for you and the consequences VERY BIG.

Don’t do anything that your guide advises you not to, especially in those countries where traditions are very important. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you don’t respect the rules in ANY country that shows a lot of disrespect to the locals and their traditions, but is more strict countries the sanctions are more severe.

Besides, you can put yourself in unnecessarily dangerous situations as well.

9. Not Buying Travel Insurance

Changes and crises appear unexpectedly on a daily basis.  And so, if one occurs right before your trip and you can’t make it anymore it’s good to have travel insurance which will cover your cancellation fees. In addition, if your health insurance doesn’t cover you outside the country, some travel insurances will.

When we embark on a trip we expect only good things to happen, which is absolutely normal, but we must remember that plans don’t always stick and you should be prepared for anything, just in case. You know what they say: Better safe, than sorry.

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10. You Plan To Use Your Credit Card And You Don’t Talk To The Company

If you plan on using your credit card on your vacation then you MUST announce that to the credit card company because if they notice the card’s activity abroad and you didn’t say anything to them beforehand, they can take action.

The company will think it’s fraud and they will freeze your account. So, it’s better to inform them about your plans before you leave the country, it’s one less headache for you! Also, make sure you ask them about their foreign transactions fees so you won’t have a huge shock when the charges come after the trip.

Final Thoughts

Your vacation is well-deserved, enjoy traveling as much as you can and make the most out of it. Mistakes happen, we are humans and we are making them so that we can learn from them, but it’s for the best to avoid them as much as possible, at all costs.

We hope that these few short examples helped you and will for the next trip you’re having. Tell us what you think, if you had any experiences of this sort or if you have more advice to share, we’re always happy to learn more.

If you’re interested in some budget-friendly tips for your next vacation, then this might just be perfect for you!

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3 thoughts on “10 BIG Mistakes All Travelers Are Making”

  1. This is a very helpful article. It’s good to have this read before you go on a trip, it’ll save ya a lot of trouble.

  2. I remember we once had to do a trip with the entire family and we forgot the kids passports. Gosh, we almost missed the flight! Since then, we’ve always been checking a list for all that’s needed. Get ready ahead, folks, travelling it’s no joke.

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