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10 Affordable Dream Vacations Under $1,000

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If you haven’t decided on your next travel plans yet, it’s not too late to snap up a good offer if presented with one! You might be excited to fly to a sunnier country for a beach trip, or you might want to embark on that European trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever it is, there are many places in all the corners of the globe that will fit your tastes AND your budget! And don’t worry about those low-cost flights, nor think too much about those all-inclusive hotels. There are ways to travel cheap, you just have to know the deals! Here are 10 vacations where you could safely travel with only $1,000:

vacation paris
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Paris, France 

There are winter flights from San Francisco or New York City to Paris for less than $350 round-trip on Priceline. If you want to save money when you choose your accommodations, you can opt for a hostel dorm room and pay only $20 per person/night, or if you want some privacy, go for an Airbnb room in someone’s home for a similar rate.

You might enjoy the latter option, as it’s a great chance to meet locals and get to know more about the culture and the city! When it comes to eating, it’s enough to pick up a baguette, a slab of brie, charcuterie meats, and a bottle of inexpensive local wine.


While Japan isn’t on the top list of choices for many people when it comes to affordable vacations, it’s possible to find incredibly cheap flights there from the West Coast. In fact, you could pay less than $500 round-trip on sites like JustFly (but you have to avoid the spring and fall high seasons if you want to catch the lower fares).

When it comes to accommodation, if you’re not uncomfortable with the thought of a capsule hotel, which are hostel-like facilities with tiny private rooms, you could easily get away with only $50/night. And (this is the best part) if you’re a fan of sushi or ramen, I’ll gladly let you know that eating in Japan is extremely cheap!


If you’re dreaming of a quiet vacation, you should take a trip to Finland, as this is the country that has “silence, please” as one of its main slogans! In mid-September, flights from New York to Helsinki are quite cheap, as you can find tickets for only $320. But if the cold has never bothered you, you’ll find even cheaper tickets in January.

This country is famous for its natural attractions and healthy lifestyle, so if you like their philosophy, it’s worth visiting! You can find campgrounds around the country where you can spend the night for less than $30 a night, and when it comes to food, we definitely recommend trying their buffets!

Portugal vacation
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Portugal is one of the most affordable countries in Europe. If you want to keep your vacation under $1,000, you should remember that the most affordable time to visit this country is outside of its high summer season. And don’t worry, the weather will be just as great in spring and fall!

There are lots of free attractions that are worth your time, including churches. Plus, most of the museums in the country are free on Sundays, all you have to do is check in advance.

You can easily use Portuguese transportation options, as it’s extremely efficient and budget-friendly. Or, if you feel adventurous, you should try renting a bike!

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

If you want to visit this destination, you’ll be glad to know that a round-trip during fall from Houston to Cancun is less than $180, which is an incredibly affordable price. Once you arrive there, visit Velas Condos for accommodations for two that start around $60/night, or try Posada Amor for only $43/night.

You’ll be a short walking distance from the world’s greatest diving sites, so make sure you pack your snorkeling equipment or rent one for only $8. And if you really want to catch that local vibe, ditch those touristy restaurants for places where locals go to eat and enjoy full meals of tacos, burritos, and pizzas for less than $10.

Los Angeles, California

Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions, as Los Angeles can be an affordable destination if you know what to look for! The famous City of Angels has an official list of 100 free things to do in L.A., and many of those are truly rich cultural experiences, like the Broad, The California Science Center, and the Griffith Observatory.

If you’re looking for more touristy things, you will certainly enjoy the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Finding affordable round-trip flights from NYC to LAX for less than $270 isn’t impossible either! Also, you can pair that with a two-night stay at properties like Westin Los Angeles Airport and the Westin Pasadena.

west virginia vacation
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West Virginia

If you’re hunting for great vacations under $1,000, then you should definitely visit West Virginia. You can book two nights at a resort called Adventures on the Gorge, and get the opportunity to go on Class IV rafting rapids while you’re on an all-inclusive vacation. All for less than $600.

And when we say all, we mean all: meals, half-day of stand-up paddleboarding, a zip-line canopy adventure, and a full day or rafting Lower New River’s wild rapids. You can also find cheap flights with American Airlines, and fly from Washington Dulles to Charleston, West Virginia, for only $340. It will be worth your time and money!


I know you’ve probably re-checked to see if you’re still on the “under $1,000” article. But yes, Hawaii is an option that fits this category. A round-trip flight from LAX to Honolulu costs as little as $350. If you’re worried that you won’t find budget-friendly accommodation, don’t worry! You’ll find high-quality hotels in Honolulu, for only $109 a night.

As an alternative, you can also find great deals at Aston at Maui Banyan, for only $170 per night, where you have access to a swimmable beach, two pools, a tennis court, and guest rooms. Both of these hotels offer top-notch Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so keep an eye out for them, because you can get up to 30 percent off the properties deals!

A cruise

If you’re looking for vacation deals under $1,000 you shouldn’t hesitate to look for cruises. There are so many ocean journeys that will fit this budget, especially if you’re a close distance from the embarkation port. You can find Caribbean sailings from Fort Lauderdale that start at only $299 per person, but also autumn trips to Canada and New England from New York City for only $537 per person.

The most important thing is that these prices include ALL meals, fancy beverages, and a wide range of entertainment from theater shows to Zumba classes. If you want to go solo, you can go on a cruise and pay only $675, a price that includes: meals (and when we say meals, we mean lobster dinner-kind-of meals), daily happy hours, and many other advantages.

volunteer vacation
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A volunteer vacation

If you’re a warm person, then you’d probably smile at the idea of going on a vacation while volunteering for a noble cause! If it fits your style, just visit International Volunteer HQ, a volunteer organization that has improved the lives of more than 100,000 travelers, helping them travel to over 50 places all over the globe, like Colombia, Croatia, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Fiji, and Nepal.

International Volunteer HQ’s journeys start at only $180 for a full week, with everything included. In exchange, you can teach to kindergarten, take care of children and animals, or do some construction work. All the participants have their weekends free to explore the countries they are visiting.

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