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These 13 US Airlines Get the Most and Least Complaints

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13 U.S. Airlines Got the Most Complaints in 2022:

Whether we’re talking about flight delays, trouble getting refunds, sudden cancellations, and even ballooning airfare, all of these are pushing customers to file complaints with the airline company they decided to fly.

Well, based on data from the 2022 Air Travel Consumer Report, we’ve managed to make a list of airlines ranked by those which got the most customer complaints. In March last year, there were a total amount of 2,414 complaints to the airlines in this report, for a full amount of 3.42 complaints per 100,000 passengers who boarded planes.

Compared to the same month two years ago, the complaints drastically increased from 2.41 per 100,000 to 3.42. So if you want to find out which U.S. airlines got on the list, click next:

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