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8 Everyday Things You Should Avoid Using in Hotels, According to Housekeepers

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Can you guess which things housekeepers DON’T recommend using in hotels?

Staying at a hotel is always exciting, especially when you’re on a much-needed vacation. Everything is at your fingertips, and there’s no cooking and cleaning you have to worry about.

Your biggest concern will be whether you should hit the gym, swim in the indoor pool, or check out the exclusive beach club. But a fundamental aspect of a comfortable stay is, obviously, your hotel room.

We’re lucky enough to have hotel housekeepers there to ensure everything is neat and tidy. But these employees also know a hotel’s dirty secrets… literally!

We talked to a handful of former hotel housekeepers who are spilling the beans, and here’s what we found out: Housekeepers are expected to clean about 15 to 20 rooms during a regular shift.

If we were to break that down, that gives them about 20–30 minutes to make a room look spotless. Within that time, they’re making the beds, taking out the trash, replacing towels and linens, restocking comforts, organizing, and probably much more.

So the cold hard fact is that with so much to do and so little time, a lot can be swept under the rug, literally! On that note, let’s find out which 8 things your hotel’s housekeeper says you should avoid using.

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