8 Things Travel Pros Never Leave At Home

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Sealed plastic bags

Sealed plastic bags are a traveler’s dream! We all know just how disorganized everything can become after a few days of travel, especially if you are on a tight schedule. So, in order to make sure you do not lose anything, you should bring a few ziplock bags with you. You can organize everything beforehand too: separate your cords, earbuds, spare battery, and any other small electronics in a bag for easy security check, keep some snacks in another to avoid them spilling in your bag, and likewise all the liquids you are allowed up in the cabin in another.

Moreover, if you get different sized bags, you can store medication easier, by picking up blisters as opposed to a whole box, and you never know when you will need to store away a bathing suit that has not yet dried all the way through. Sealed plastic bags are so versatile you will definitely find a million uses for them, so make sure the next time you travel you give them a chance! Even better, they’re reusable!

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  1. The new laundry leaves are better than carrying the granular laundry detergent. They weigh next to nothing, can be torn in half or quartered for the small load in the sink. They get the clothes clean and are fabulous. I love them.

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