8 Things Travel Pros Never Leave At Home

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Luggage scale

It has happened to all of us to see someone at the baggage check scramble to take things out of their big suitcase to their carry-on bag. And, to be honest, it can be quite embarrassing to witness it and we often think about how they overestimated their bag’s capacity so much that they are playing Tetris with all their things on the airport floor. The easiest way to avoid this is to take a seasoned traveler’s advice and invest in a good luggage scale.

Do not imagine anything huge that will just take off suitcase allowance be it by size or weight, it is just a big handle and a strip of fabric that you can attach to your suitcase. It is extremely easy to use and believe us, it will be a lifesaver on your travels. We all like to indulge in a bit of souvenir shopping, especially when in a new country so a luggage scale is the easiest way to make sure you are not going to have an embarrassing airport moment or to buy extra baggage allowance for your ticket. Thank us later.

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  1. The new laundry leaves are better than carrying the granular laundry detergent. They weigh next to nothing, can be torn in half or quartered for the small load in the sink. They get the clothes clean and are fabulous. I love them.

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