10 Inspiring Forgotten Ruins Reclaimed By Nature

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Forgotten Ruin In India: Ross Island

This part of India became a British colonial settlement throughout the 18th century. But, due to the intense heat and unpredictable weather, the settlers soon left.

However, they returned in 1857 when they turned this jungle-covered island into a penal colony for Indian revolters. As the prison began to expand to the other Andaman isles, Ross Island became its main administrative headquarters.

The Indian rebels were made to suffer in makeshift barracks while the British made sure that the rest of Ross Island was converted into their own personal luxurious base. The prisoners even built cozy homes and an extravagant church for the colonizers.

By the beginning of the 1940s, the prison had ceased operation. And once India achieved its independence in 1947, Ross Island was altogether abandoned all over again. Today these forgotten ruins are interwoven with vines and curbed by trees.

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