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10 Inspiring Forgotten Ruins Reclaimed By Nature

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forgotten ruin
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Forgotten Ruins

From prehistoric colonies and wonders of the ancient world to classical castles and even whole cities, some of the planet’s most impressive sights have fallen victim to the forces of mother nature.

Some were annihilated into oblivion by extreme weather, and others were simply abandoned by their human occupants, allowing nature to run its course.

When given a chance to thrive on the remains of human creation, nature can take the forgotten and neglected and turn them into spectacular sights. When buildings, towns, and big cities are left behind, nature comes in, invades, and fills that void.

Resulting in lots of deserted places taken over by sand, leafy vines, and even some wild animals. We’ve picked some of the world’s most fascinating spots, all but forgotten by humankind but ravaged by Mother Nature… Some in a good way!

Check out the 10 extraordinary forgotten ruins from all over the world of nature reclaiming abandoned places. You may just be inspired to pack up your bags and head out for your next adventure!

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