10 Inspiring Forgotten Ruins Reclaimed By Nature

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Forgotten Ruin In The US: Ha Ha Tonka State Park Castle

It’s now just an empty shell, but the castle in Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri, was once the beautiful vision of businessman Robert Snyder.

He began the construction of this former storybook fortress in the early 20th century, but construction was halted because Snyder was killed in an accident.

His family carried out Snyder’s vision, finishing the castle sometime in the 1920s. Unfortunately, the building was short-lived because a fire tore through it in 1942. It completely gutted the entire property, soon falling into Mother Nature’s grips.

Over the years, the castle has been consumed by greenery, with trees populating the empty rooms, vines replacing what should have been decor, and grass growing where there were once luxury rugs.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park now protects the ruins, but visitors can see them while hiking.

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