8 Fascinating Yet Bizarre Places Weirder Than the Bermuda Triangle

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#1 Yonaguni Monument

Have you ever wondered if maybe the lost city of Atlantis was real? This monument off the coast of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands is believed to have started forming over 5000 years ago, however, no one knows how they were made.

This mysterious and bizarre site was discovered in the 1980s and it has baffled everyone since then, as it seems to be an underwater city: it has tall straight walls, even spaced pillars, and even stair-like structures, which leads some to believe that someone built it like that.

Despite this, there is no evidence that shows it was manmade, and people still speculate that it appeared as a weird, yet natural phenomenon, though even that is still uncertain. One thing is for sure, this Atlantis resembling, magical-looking underwater kingdom is a sight to behold and explore if you ever find yourself traveling to that side of the world.

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