8 Fascinating Yet Bizarre Places Weirder Than the Bermuda Triangle

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#3 The Crooked Forest

We’ve all seen a tree or two in our lives that was just weird looking: from bad choices of Christmas trees to bizarre-looking trees on our hikes, we have seen them all. However, we haven’t seen 400 pine trees all bent in an unusual, exactly the same shape.

This forest from Poland got its name from the weird shape of its trees, which have yet to outgrow it. This part of the forest is said to have been planted back in the 1930s when Germany took over this part of Poland.

However, who planet the trees and how they ever get in this weird position is still a mystery! No one has been able to explain the shape, nor how the trees grew in such a shape.

Some believe this was made with some tools in order to scare people, while others blame the horrible snowstorms that hit the region, claiming it must have been some really bad ones that made the trees look like that.

Despite all of this, no one can prove what happened to them and why they are all exactly bent the same.

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