8 Fascinating Yet Bizarre Places Weirder Than the Bermuda Triangle

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#7 Spotted Lake Khiluk

British Colombia in Canada is the home of a very unusual lake that will catch your attention and you can spend hours admiring it, despite its bizarre appearance: it’s what makes it fascinating, to begin with. The name of Lake Khiluk comes from its appearance during the summer months when weird spots start appearing on the surface.

That is because of the high temperatures during the hot season, the water begins to evaporate, leaving behind hundreds of mineral deposits that go to cover the entire surface of the lake. In traditional medicine, the lake was and is still thought of as being a mystical healing spot, and has been used as one for hundreds of years.

The mystery however lies in how all these mineral deposits are gathered up underneath the lake and how it has been flying under the radar for years for modern medicine. Despite this, it is something some people on this Earth will never get the chance to see, so if you happen to be around the area during summer, you should pay this weird, spotted lake a visit.

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