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6 Incredible Oldest Colleges in the US

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Is your alma mater one of the oldest colleges in the US?

Education has always been a foundation of the American background. And the oldest colleges and universities in our country continue to cling to this idea today.

Back in 1749, founding father Benjamin Franklin highlighted the importance of having a prominent establishment to teach the country’s youth. But even before then, the first settlers knew that education was a vital part of improving our nation.

So the first-ever institution of higher learning opened its doors back in the 1600s. Interestingly, many of the colonies in North America began their own institutions with the goal of educating the nation’s founders.

We thought it would be intriguing to look back at some of the oldest colleges in our country that are still standing today. They even date back to the 17th century, before the American Revolution that started in 1765…Let’s take a look!

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