6 Secret Southern Destinations to Cool Down This Summer

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3. Buffalo National River (Arkansas)

The Buffalo National River is one of the few in the lower 48 states that flows freely without being interrupted by a dam, and it is the first to be proclaimed a National River. It travels through northern Arkansas for 135 miles, passing through high granite cliffs. Along its course, you can spot a lot of captivating geology developed during thousands of years of interaction between the area’s limestone karst terrain and pools of water.

So, if you are a fan of geology or watersports, or even better, of both, you can’t miss this destination if you go to visit the Southern United States this summer. You can discover beautiful rock formations and then go on an adventure with your kayak or canoe. If you plan to do watersports, you can choose between the upper, middle, or lower districts of the Buffalo National River.

There is no entry fee to the Buffalo, and simple camping spots cost $20 per night. You can also call beforehand to check what other activities are available. Usually, you can go horseback riding and stargazing. Since 2019, Buffalo National River has been a certified International Dark Sky Park (IDSP).

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