6 Secret Southern Destinations to Cool Down This Summer

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2. Hippie Hole (Alabama)

Hippie Hole, also known as Little Falls or Martha Falls (yeah, we know, it has a lot of names), is what we usually call a “swimming hole.” It is located along Little River Canyon and is the perfect spot for you if you want to cool down while enjoying an amazing view.

This big, blue, and crystal-clear body of water welcomes those who visit it with calmness. It lures you to take a dip in it after a long drive through the scorching summer sun. Please tell us who has the power to say no to something like this.

As we already said, you can find Hippie Hole in the Little River Canyon National Preserve. Within this park, you can discover many other outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, various short hiking trails, and last but not least, kayaking.

Make the most of your summer vacation and don’t miss visiting this beautiful location. In order to enter the preserve, you will need to pay a small fee of $15 per day. One thing to remember is that camping is not allowed in there.

Pro tip: Not far from Hippie Hole, you can find another wonder of Alabama, DeSoto Falls. If you visit this area, you can also go there and see an amazingly beautiful waterfall.

The next one is extremely beautiful! You can’t miss it if you visit the South this summer.

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