Explore Pennsylvania: 7 Magical Places To Visit

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If you’re looking for a more aquatic experience in Pennsylvania, the shores of Erie are one of the most popular spots in the state. It’s located on the coast, so it’s a prime spot for summer vacation or a quiet fall weekend when the flock of vacationers has flown back home.

Visit Presque Isle State Park for some picturesque hiking trails and a peninsula on the water that’s just perfect for a sunset picnic. Also, check out the Erie Maritime Museum for impressive displays showcasing Lake Erie’s history and rotating maritime exhibits.

And for some even more water fun, visit Waldameer Park, an amusement AND water park combined, with plenty of activities, especially for the kiddos. Haven’t had enough of those beautiful waters?

You can book a trip on the US Brig Niagara, a replica of a ship that was used in the War of 1812 for the Battle of Lake Erie.

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