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Explore Pennsylvania: 7 Magical Places To Visit

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Have You Ever Been To Pennsylvania?

There’s nothing better than exploring the world. However, it’s not always practical to hop on a plane and explore some faraway land. Fortunately, our country has many great places you can explore without actually leaving the states.

Pennsylvania happens to be at the top of our list. Whether you want to see castles, explore religious relics, or have tea in a Japanese garden, you can experience the entire world without crossing this beautiful state’s borders.

From the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall to the Civil War reenactments in Gettysburg and the many covered bridges throughout the state, history buffs have no end to the ways to fill their time here.

Nature lovers seek the beautiful national and state parks to discover their wild side, whitewater rafting, hiking, and biking through picturesque terrain.

And some people even gravitate toward the sports scene in Pittsburgh, while others wander without a care on the winding roads of the US’s Dutch Country.

Whether you’re thirsting for tourist attractions or just a quiet weekend getaway, plan your adventures with our list of the most fantastic places to visit in Pennsylvania.

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