Explore Pennsylvania: 7 Magical Places To Visit

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The star of the show in this Pennsylvania city is the Capitol building and the State Museum of Pennsylvania, sitting along the Susquehanna River, surrounded by a hilly landscape and urban progress.

The museum has 4 floors of exhibits that preserve the state’s history and, as you can guess, many Civil War relics. The National Civil War Museum is another can’t-miss, with shows highlighting some of the significant battles that once took place around this area.

And to finally relax from all the sightseeing, you should stop by City Island, which is precisely what the name depicts. It’s a place for leisure activities and is home to the Harrisburg Senators baseball team.

The stretch of land that’s over a mile long between Harrisburg and Wormleysburg on the Susquehanna River is a fantastic area to walk or bike and see what the city has to offer.

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