7 Oasis Retreats Where You Forget All Your Problems

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Courtesy of Sensei Lanai

Sensei Lanai (Lanai City, Hawaii)

Sensei Lanai is a deluxe wellness retreat that is located on the secluded but gorgeous Hawaiian island of Lanai. This location is well-known because it offers a program designed by Dr. David Agus, the resort’s co-founder.

When you arrive at the retreat, the first thing that you will do is learn about the Sensei Way. This concept is led by three paths: movement, nourishment, and rest. Throughout your stay, a qualified staff of Sensei Guides will assist you with this philosophy, which encourages preventative medicine and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

During your stay, you can choose how to spend your free time. And you have a lot of options. If you feel more adventurous, you can try horseback riding, 4X4 Jeep excursions, or archery. In case this is not your cup of tea and you want a more relaxed approach, you can go with a visit to a spa or private wellness and fitness classes.

Dining is one of the centerpieces of the whole experience, with famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa creating wholesome dishes with locally grown vegetables.

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