10 Laid-Back US States Where You Can Truly Relax

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7. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is best known for its history as a center of the American Revolution, granite production, stunning natural landscapes, and its lively arts and culture scene. From the soaring White Mountains to the rugged coastline, this northeastern state is heaven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

And in cities like Concord and Manchester, you’ll find a vibrant arts community with theaters, galleries, and music venues.

New Hampshire’s “live free or die” mentality may help keep stress levels relatively low in this state after all! According to the latest data, the Granite State’s residents have very few money-related stress issues or work-related stress woes, making this place one of the most laid-back states in the US.

In fact, New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of residents living below the poverty level. The state also boasts the lowest percentage of people in poor health as well as a low crime rate per capita.

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