4 Gorgeous U.S. Places to Visit While Waiting for Your Passport

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3. Sedona, Arizona

While you may have heard that one of the U.S. places to visit that a lot of people have on their bucket list is Flagstaff, Arizona, we are going to derail from that course and suggest that you head for Sedona instead. Merely a 40-minute drive away from Flagstaff, this Arizonian town is one of the most relaxing towns in the state, and the views are going to take your breath away. Surrounded by the iconic red rocks, the landscape is going to amaze you all the time, and you will also be able to easily go explore the national park next to the city.

The area is quaint and relaxed, less full of tourists than Flagstaff is, so you will be able to relax, and from Sedona, you will also be able to access the sights and locations around the bigger town without having to worry about finding decent accommodations. Not to mention, the evergreen vegetation and the red rock scenery are easier to admire here.

Some of the locations you cannot miss if you choose this as one of your U.S. places to visit include the Red Rock State Park, the Chapel of the Holy Cross (which is impressive architecture-wise even if you are not religious), the Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, and the amazing Devil’s Bridge Trail, just to name a few.

If you are curious about other places to visit in the Grand Canyon State, we suggest you get the Arizona Bucket List Adventure Guide from Amazon! You will definitely find more iconic U.S. places to visit in it while planning your vacation!

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