Top 10 Amazing US Destinations for Beer Lovers

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austin, texas
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9. Austin, Texas

Texas is packed with exceptional breweries, and Austin is known for producing a unique style of breweries. Some, like the community-owned Black Star Co-Op, went for a different approach and named their fine brews Irrational, Rational, and Infinite.

Others, such as Hops & Grain Brewing, feature an impressive eco-focus, selling their beer in eco-conscious cans as well as using recycled grains to make dog biscuits.

But when it comes to the Texas brewing scene, it’s hard to find something greater than the suburban farmhouse Jester King Brewery, a temple of American and Belgian free-thinking experimentation with an exceptionally outstanding Bier de Miel Honey Saison.

As one of the best destinations for beer lovers in the country, this Texas brewery is the only farmhouse brewery in the state that allows natural yeast to ferment its beers.

The process results in low carbonation, bold flavors, and sour notes. Visit it during spring, and you’ll feel like entering paradise; not only will you sample a fine brew, but you’ll also get the chance to enjoy a wide-open field full of brilliant wildflowers.

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