Top 10 Amazing US Destinations for Beer Lovers

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7. San Francisco, California

With dozens of craft beer bars and tons of breweries in 49 square miles, it’s no surprise that San Francisco is one of the best destinations for beer lovers.

The city is packed with micro and nanobreweries that have been producing food-inspired beers like no other place in the country, including Moonlight Brewing Company, which picks redwood twigs and cedar bark from its brewer Brian Hunt’s own backyard. That’s definitely one of the great destinations for beer lovers that you may not want to miss.

The San Francisco area has been fueling the flame of America’s craft beer movement since the 1970s, if not even earlier, while Anchor Steam’s history can be traced all the way back to the California gold rush.

Like other great destinations for beer lovers on this list, this one is home to lots of beer bars, including The Toronado Pub, the host of America’s most important barleywine festival, as well as The Monk’s Kettle and Mikkeller Bar, featuring plenty of rare offerings.

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