Top 10 Amazing US Destinations for Beer Lovers

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5. Boston, Massachusetts

Here in Boston, residents consume more beer than in any other place in America. The places that fuel those drinking habits are some world-famous microbreweries and breweries, including the historic Samuel Adams.

Moreover, the first brewery here was established not long after the Pilgrims arrived, as beer was safer to drink than water at the time. You’ll get the chance to try the Samul Adams beer, which is produced by Boston Beer Co., and you’ll also find some outstanding historic pubs such as the Green Dragon Tavern and The Warren Tavern, the oldest in the city dating back to 1780.

Not only is Boston one of the best destinations for beer lovers, but it also hosts the east coast’s biggest event of domestic microbrews at the American Craft Beer Fest. This celebration features over 640 different varieties from more than 140 American brewers.

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