5 Best Uncrowded Beaches in Florida to Visit This Summer

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Crandon Park

If you want to find the beach almost deserted, you can hit it up during the week, when only a few tourists are going to be mingling about, and you will easily be able to find a part of the sand free of other people and where you can set camp for the day. What’s more, even during the weekends, despite it becoming quite busy, you will still be able to find a spot without getting too many headaches about it!

After all, this is an amazing beach, complete with coconut palms along the line of the beach, and if you catch the sunrise here, you will be able to bask in the mesmerizing display of orange, pink, and red!

No matter what time of day you end up visiting any beach, a must-have item in your beach bag needs to be sunscreen! Believe us, it’s better to overuse it than to resemble a lobster and ruin your vacation, on a crowded or uncrowded beach!

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