The 7 Best Lavender Farms to Visit This Summer

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Lavender Farm
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Cape Cod Lavender Farm, Harwich, Massachusetts

In 1995, farmer Cynthia Sutphin wanted to find a way to work from home so that she could spend more time with her children.

So, after inviting her community to attend her family’s lavender harvest, Cynthia realized she had a business in the making, and the Cape Cod Lavender Farm took shape.

Nowadays, the farm sells over 20 lavender products, including home decor and garden necessities, to scented beauty and sleep products. In 2013, the Enchanted Garden was added to the property.

It offers a shaded area for kids and adults to explore and let their imaginations roam free. You’ll be greeted by miniature medieval castles, fairy houses, and a few other treasures. Harvest times differ each year depending on weather conditions.

But they usually run from late June through mid-July. There’s no charge to visit this farm, and you’ll find it open from March to December.

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