4 Best Corn Mazes in America

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Long & Scott Farms, Mount Dora

Are you worried your schedule will not let you enjoy the wonders of corn mazes in the fall? Then you should make sure to head towards Florida when you feel the urge to visit a corn maze, even later in the fall and even in the winter. Yes, you read that right. You can visit the Long & Scott Farms’ maze all the way in December—the 12th, to be exact!

The biggest perk of this maze is that every year they make sure to theme it so that even the most grumpy of kids will end up having a lot of fun. Make sure you keep checking their website to see which is the theme this year and keep in mind that there is way more to do in Florida than the corn maze!

If you plan to go, even in early winter, keep in mind that the best times to visit are early in the morning, to both miss the crowds and beat the warm Floridian sun! What’s more, make sure you keep an eye out for their upcoming maze events, as through November you may be lucky enough to challenge the maze under the stars!

The entry fee is just $15 based on the previous years, and if you have a kid under 4 with you, they do not have to pay for a ticket.

If you are looking for some new, fresh places to visit this upcoming fall, then do not look further! We are sure Phoenix is going to be a great fit for you, and you can read about everything that makes this city special here!

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