4 Best Corn Mazes in America

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Sever’s Corn Maze, Shakopee

If you’re from the Midwest and you were thinking that all the cool mazes are not around your state, then you are in luck. One of the first and biggest corn mazes in the Midwest is right in Shakopee, Minnesota, at the Sever. This is one of the best corn mazes you can find in the Midwest, and it is a great attraction for families and people of all ages.

There is, of course, the corn maze, and during the fall there will be a fall festival that attracts all sorts of people to an authentic Midwestern fall fun fair!

Besides the corn maze, there is also a corn putt, tire mountains, all sorts of tasty fall treats and drinks, a giant slide, and live shows! You can start visiting the fall festival early in the morning, and we recommend that if you are stopping by on the weekends, you get there at 10 a.m. when it opens so that you do not have to be bothered by the crowds later in the day!

The entry fee is reasonable, somewhere between $14 and $17, with children under 4 being able to enter for free! And if you are really looking for a special attraction at a corn maze, make sure you do not miss the Pumpkin Blastr game! We’ll let you discover that one for yourself!

While we all love corn mazes, the fun puzzles have also inspired a lot of thriller and detective books. If you are traveling to any corn maze this fall, make sure you have a good book to keep you entertained on the road. This one is our recommendation!

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