4 Best Corn Mazes in America

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Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove

If you are truly looking for an intricate corn maze, then look no further than the one from Richardson Adventure Farm. After all, it boasts to be the “world’s most intricate one,” and it is indeed quite massive: it is said to be covering about 28 acres of real corn, with all the trails adding up to 10 miles!

While the idea of having so many trails may seem impossible, in reality, the big maze is made up of four smaller ones, each with its own path and trail, along with its own checkpoints to reach, and each with its own three bridges.

The fun part about this corn maze is that it does not have any dead ends, but in order to solve this maze and the puzzle, you will need to cross off the checkpoints, which will probably lead you down the same path several times!

This maze is absolutely amazing to complete with all the family, as no matter the age of the participant, you will be able to have a grand old time.

There are simple mazes, which can take about 10 minutes to complete, all the way to the most complicated one, which can take you up to two hours to complete! Believe us, no matter with whom you are going, you will be having a ton of fun completing this puzzle!

The best time to visit this corn maze this fall is during the week, as you will be able to get a $4 discount on your ticket. Otherwise, you can expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $22 for the entry fee!

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