4 Best Corn Mazes in America

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Conner Prairie, Fishers

If you are looking for an old-fashioned yet unique corn maze in the country, then look no further than the one in Conner Prairie. The town has an old history of putting the true life of a prairie town on display all year round, making sure that they also have a huge and appropriate attraction come fall.

Sure, you can definitely enjoy the old prairie life adventures in the town all year round, from butter-churning learning to admiring the one-room schools of the past, but only in the fall can you visit their corn maze!

The reason why the Conner Prairie corn maze is famous among them is the fact that it is truly massive: the size of this maze is about 22,160 feet, and it has been constructed in such a way that it holds three different paths, each with its own adventure. The whole maze covers about seven acres of land, and believe us, this is one of those in which you can easily get lost.

If you are not into possibly getting lost in such a huge maze, then rest assured, the town and the park definitely have a ton of other fall activities you can enjoy. We are particularly fond of their hot air balloon ride, as you can easily admire the gorgeous landscape from 350 feet up in the air; the ride will also help you get a clearer look at how big the maze truly is.

You can enjoy the park and the corn maze pretty easily, as you will only have to pay an extra $4 to $5 to be able to experience the maze!

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